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Hello and welcome to my not-so-new but redesigned and refreshed website. It is my intention to recreate all the original content of this site and even restore some of what has disappeared as things changed and evolved. So, I still invite you to explore what there is on offer, weary traveller. This site used to offer other diversions, but with the demise of the band Freeway, it was given over to the television series Highlander and add-ons for Geoff Crammond's outstanding Grand Prix simulation, Grand Prix 3.

That is not to say that new content won't be forthcoming, or that there won't be additions to the aforementioned. Keep an eye on the What's New page for a blow-by-blow update. Those of you who have walked the path awhile with me will recognise some of the graphics strewn about the site as they get recycled onto the new pages.

I have been rightly taken to task for not giving the name of my small, black friend, pictured above. He is called Kuro, which is the Japanese word for black and he is still with me, as of June 2007, although in an existential sort of way. As I am now married and we have three children in the house, he's a crepuscular visitor to our new home, spending his days at a nearby house with a cat of similar colour and age. As to why I should give an English cat a Japanese name - well, that's another story.....

But, above all, as I have always said.....