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Highlander 'It's over when I take your head!' 'The legend' Highlander

He is born in the past and is still alive. The one chosen to defeat his enemies and take on their powers. The Immortal, constantly facing the forces of darkness set on destroying our world. With his strength and his will, he made himself the only champion.

This part of the site recounts the present day storyline of "Highlander" and "The Raven", season by season. Seasons One through Six of "Highlander" have completed narratives. You can also access the synopsis of the first "Highlander" movie from here, as well as Season One of "The Raven". Use the buttons to navigate - you can go from season to season without having to come back here. Enjoy.

The First Movie

Not strictly a season, but this is where it all started. The full story of the original movie with the usual load of vidcaps.

Season 1

A new Highlander and a new beginning. The past will always revisit Duncan MacLeod, but it is a new enemy who brings tragedy with a death on Holy Ground.

Season 2

Uncertain how far he can trust the Watchers, Duncan must face the loss of Tessa and a rift with Richie as he is hunted by the man he cannot kill.

Season 3

Duncan finds happiness with Anne Lindsey, but their chances of love are destroyed by an embittered foe who kills one of Duncan's oldest friends and leads him to a new one.

Season 4

As Methos embarks on his doomed romance with Alexa, Duncan must face the evil inside himself as he is overwhelmed by the Dark Quickening.

Season 5

Faces from the past uncover Methos' dark history, as Duncan faces the Four Horsemen of legend - and an ancient evil intent on destroying the Highlander brings tragedy.

Season 6

A year passes before Duncan can put Richie's death behind him and face Ahriman, but it is an unlikely ghost who teaches him that he will always be Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

Highlander: The Raven

A new life for Amanda starts when a policewoman dies in her arms after taking a bullet meant for the Princess of Thieves.