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"You see a lot in 5,000 years" - Methos

These pages present the histories of Duncan MacLeod and Amanda, as shown in the flashback sequences that are a feature of most episodes. Travel through the last four centuries with the Highlander as he matures from an uneducated clansman to the worldly wise and irritatingly moralistic hero that we know today or through the last millenium with Amanda as she matures from an illiterate thief to... a literate one! Where an Immortal appears in more than one episode, only the first appearance has the episode title given.

These timelines are drawn from all of the episodes of Highlander and The Raven.

Duncan's History

Page 1

From the early days in Glenfinnan to his first meetings with Amanda and Hugh Fitzcairn.

Page 2

Defeat in Scotland leads him to wander the world and meet his greatest teachers, including Darius.

Page 3

Unable to find peace in Europe, he leaves for the Americas, only to find that tragedy and hatred follow him.

Page 4

A calmer and wiser Highlander returns to a Europe devastated by war, but finds the great love of his life as the century draws to an end.

Amanda's History

The Legend

From the moment she awoke in Rebecca's castle, everything changed for the illiterate waif.