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This page is devoted to original Highlander fiction. These stories are based on characters and situations originally created for the television series Highlander and Highlander - The Raven, but are not part of those storylines. Insofar as they contains characters not featured in the series, they are of my creation, as are the stories.

In Memoriam
In Memoriam, Part 1Duncan's former student Juliette arrives in Paris and has an unexpected reunion with a face from the past. But as Liam Riley discovers, she is not the only new arrival in Paris.....
In Memoriam, Part 2Divisions split the Immortals as differing memories from the past emerge. Will Amanda be left standing alone against Methos, Duncan and Juliette?
In Memoriam, Part 3Nick and Duncan find themselves watching from the sidelines as Anselm's past is uncovered and the reason for his return to Paris starts to become clear.
In Memoriam, Part 4With Methos out of the way, Juliette is at her former master's mercy. But just whose Quickening is he after?