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Other add-ons for GP3

This carset and the 1989 F1 carset were developed for my own use. I had built up a collection of carsets for the years that I wanted to race, some better than others, but could not find a carset for 1988 or 1989. So, armed with what pictures I could find from various websites that, at the time, were free to use and performance data from the races for the years in question, I set to and made myself carsets for the two "missing" years. As these are pre-1998 and I'm racing in original GP3 until I get to 1999, these are not designed for GP3-2000.

Formula One 1988 Car Set

The 1988 Formula One carset features the two-car teams of the 1988 season with their most regular drivers, complete with car, cockpit, driver helmets, pit-crews, pit-boxes, tyres and team art. Helmets are provided courtesy of Lasse Kalliokosi's GP3 Helmets Place. The carshape used below for the screenshots is Martijn Haan's 1987 generic carshape.

1988 Formula 1 Cars

DownloadFile NameFile SizeDescription
Click to download1988f1a.zip1458KBThis zip file contains the in-game graphics in GP3 format, ready to load into the game using Steven Young's GP3edit.
Click to download1988f1b.zip3254KBThis zip file contains the team art, driver photos and menu graphics in GP3 format, ready to load into the game using GP3edit.