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Other add-ons for GP3

This page links to my Formula 1 carsets for GP3 and GP3-2000. The carsets for 1988 and 1989 are for the original Grand Prix 3 game only and require GP3edit to install, as do the individual cars below. The carsets for 2003 and 2004 are available in both flavours, as is the F3000 carset.

Use the buttons to the right to select the carset you want. The downloads below are two individual cars I did as specific requests, plus the Toyota test livery which was my first attempt at a car design for GPx. If I'd only known what I was starting....

1994 Lola Larousse

Click to download - 58KB1994 LolaThe zip file contains the car and cockpit for the alternative Lola Larousse livery used in the later half of the 1994 season. It complements the Early 1994 Carset designed by Bojan Tarticchio, which features the red and white Kronenbourg livery.

1995 Pacific Ford

Click to download - 55KB1995 PacificThe zip file contains the car and cockpit in GP3 format, ready to load into the game. In the absence of any helmets, the screen shot captures your Pen's own helmet design, the Red Rose of Lancaster on the Cross of St George.

2001 Toyota Test Car

Click to download - 229KB2001 ToyotaThe zip file contains the car, cockpit and team art in GP3 format, ready to load into Slot 11 in the game. Updated version to show revised paint job and Panasonic sponsorship.